*Şafak Akyol*

Şafak Akyol
Full Stack Web Developer

A full-stack web developer with coding & designing experience since 2005.

Developing: UX, UI, front-end, back-end and database architecture.

Skills: PHP, MYSQL, HTML, CSS, SEO, Vanilla JavaScript, Api, React Native.

Other Skills:Server management, app devoloment, graphic design, scrawling, problem solving, creative thinking.

Hobbys: Photografieren, Scuba Diving, Writing, Reading.

*Some Projects*

{ Neobu }

Price Comparison Project: Backend, Frontend

{ CB Academy }

Online Education Project: Backend, Frontend

{ Menu Burada }

Restaurant Guidebook Project: Backend, Frontend

{ Menu Burada APP }

Restaurant Guidebook App: Backend, Design Download: AppStore | Play Store

{ Pi Makina }

Heavy equipment and construction machinery Firma Web Site: Backend


*Social Media*